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As opposition continues to mount against the proposed Wilderness Walmart news outlets across the country are covering the story and urging Walmart to find a less historic location in Orange County.  The latest is from a local news station in central New York that points out how troops from New York fought and died during the battle of the Wilderness in 1864 and that a Walmart would be inappropriate at this historic battlefield.

The Wilderness is of national importance, and a National Park, so we should not be surprised by people from out of state objecting to the Wilderness Walmart, and we should not discount their opinions either.  Congress set aside this battlefield for the entire country to visit and enjoy for generations.  Everyone has the right to speak up in opposition to this proposal because it would be devastating to the entire country and our shared history.  We want future generations to be able to visit the Wilderness and get a sense of time and place as it was during the war, not be assaulted by runaway development and big-box stores.

Please read the article, “Mega-retailer or Historic Preservation?”, online here.


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