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Myth #3:

A planning study offered by the Wilderness Battlefield Coalition is only a delaying tactic.


The preservation coalition is committed to a visioning process that would preserve the historic nature of the battlefield and its gateway while at the same time allowing economic development along the Route 3 corridor in Orange County.  The best way to achieve this compromise is to undergo a comprehensive, long-range planning process to determine how best to achieve these goals.  The Coalition has offered to pay for the entire study so it would come at no cost to the county.  In fact, Orange County’s Comprehensive Plan calls for “developing a comprehensive battlefield resource protection plan for civil war sites,” but so far the county has failed to pursue the creation of such a plan.  In the end, this visioning process would save the county money on a plan the Comp Plan calls for and would provide a win-win situation for all parties involved.  The King family, who own over 2,000 acres adjacent to the Walmart site, have endorsed the planning study as well, which further proves the sincerity of the proposal since they would stand to benefit from commercial development in the area.


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