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cwpt logo colorThe Richmond Times-Dispatch yesterday published a terrific piece from James Lighthizer, president of the Civil War Preservation Trust.  In it, Mr. Lighthizer calls for an appropriate balance between historic preservation and economic growth, and stresses that the two are not mutually exclusive.  Long-term planning is the best way to avoid piecemeal sprawl that can eat up historic sites, which is why CWPT and the Wilderness Battlefield Coalition offered to fund such a study for Orange County that would identify what types of commercial growth would be appropriate next to the National Park and at the gateway to the county.  Unfortunately, the county and Walmart have so far not shown the vision necessary to strike the balance between protecting the Wilderness Battlefield and allowing a Walmart in Orange County.  As Lighthizer says:

Residents deserve the benefits of both Wal-Mart, with its new retail opportunities and expanded tax base, and the battlefield, with its tremendous capacity to generate heritage tourism. Accepting only one side of the equation when the opportunity exists to secure both is to settle for mediocrity and haphazard sprawl.

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